Vendor Applicant Information


Thank you for your interest in The Market at Town’s End; below are

the needed steps to complete for consideration by The Market.


TMATE is a curated market: multiple things are considered when

 the team reviews vendor applications. Submission of an

application is not a guarantee of acceptance as a vendor. We are looking for mostly handmade, unique items, so BE CREATIVE! If you have a curated item that is similar to other vendors, please place your own individual touch on it! We are excited to see your talent and passion! 


1. Head to our Vendor Application tab and learn a bit about our Market and the requirements set forth by town, county and state entities.


2. Fill out the vendor app which has upload options for all required photos, permits and documents 


3. Please ensure that you provide 4 high quality photos of your products as set up

for a retail event (front and side views) Please also include a logo that we

can use for social media and print. 


4. Next, is review of your application and photos by the

team. We should have an answer within 1-2 weeks after you have

submitted all your required items.

             5. The last step is to make payment for your selected market dates in full,                                                                 quarterly, or monthly



Again, thanks for your interest in

The Market @Town’s End!


The Market @ Town’s End Team